Introduction: GARDEN IN a MILK BOTTLE.

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I found a dozen 50 year old milk bottles,in an old shed on my Kibbuttz

and thought I could make a Terranium.Looked up how to make,BUT so many differant ways.

FOUR FERNS made the best one,and so copied the same way,and it turned out very well.

THE only thing is they didn't use a filter,which means that after a while the plants will ROT.

Step 1: Things One Will Need.


CORK TOP. Curtain rail stopper . GRAVEL(small stones)



TOOLS.----Spoon.. Wire clothes hanger..2 Wooden rods..

Razor Blade.(xacto blade)

Step 2: What & When to Put in Your Bottle.

Your bottle needs to be very clean & DRY.

Wash the gravel (No dirt or sand) drain off water.

Activated Charcoal, (also can be bought at most gardening shops.

(I also know that one can take apart the filter of a water drinking unit

and use the black charcoal from inside,(but a bit time consuming)

Nylon mesh (I used a piece of a parachute) You could use a double

layer of a ladies stockings.or cut up an old nylon sock. measure size

by putting the bottle on top of said nylon,and mark round,,then cut.

If you DON'T use the nylon mesh,your plants will ROT and DIE...

DON'T use tissue paper,or anything that will rot.

The earth should be free of weed seeds (use soil at least 4 to 5 inches under the top soil)

also without stones and dead wood.

Compost..(can be bought in any garden shop or garden nursery)

DO-NOT use any nutrients.( the plant will grow TOO quick)

CHOOSE a plant that has slow growth,(NO cactus.Succulents, or wood type plants)

I will give a list of good plants in the last stage..

The sealing top should be cork.( I took an old curtain rail end stopper)

and put a champagne cork with wood glue in the end,turned it on the lathe

to the size of the bottle opening so it would be tight.

Step 3: Tools You Can Make.

1..A plastic coated metal clothes hanger( the cheap ones)

Open up the coat hanger to a straight length,bend in the middle,

Remove 1 inch of plastic from each end ,and with pliers bend each end

inwards to make a twizzer affect.

2..A Teaspoon,Remove from the both sides of the spoon,( grinding or cutting)

So that it will go into your bottle.Drill 2 holes in the handle of the spoon

and with 2 screws fix to a 3/4 inch wide rod or length of wood so long that it will go to the bottom of your bottle.

3.. Razer blade,or better still,the blade of 1 of these cheap break off blades.

WITH CARE.blades are very SHARP.with a good tape join the blade to a long piece of wood

so you can trim the plant growth from time to time,and use the twizzer to get it out of bottle.

4..THE LONG SPOON turned round wood end acts as a press down on soil after planting

loose soil around plant.

5..DO NOT PUT THE PLANT IN SUNSHINE.only where there is good light in the shade.

Step 4: Plants That Are Good for a Terrarium.

I used Fittonia Verschaffect.and Fittonia red vein.


Baby Tears..Soleirolia Soleirolii.

Coral bead.

Spreading club moss..Selaginella Kraussian.

Spike moss.

Moses in the cradle.

Vinca Minor. GOOD LUCK.

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    7 years ago

    This looks like a great little terrarium, thank you for sharing how you made it!

    If you want to delete those empty steps, you can do so by opening up your instructable to edit. If you hover your mouse over an individual step window (when viewing all), on the bottom right a little X will appear. Clicking that will delete the step. Hope that helps! ;)


    Reply 7 years ago

    Seamster,SHALOM, thankyou SOOOO much, I did what you said and have edited the things I wanted to do. the only problem is 179 people saw the crap i wrote before changeing. anyway thanks a million.