Introduction: Galactic Jewelry (bracelet)

Hi, friends of Instructables!

I am going to teach you how to make a fancy bracelet!

It is easy and fun!


• 0.5 mm brass

• 0.8 mm Brass wire

• Nail polish colors of your choice (pick few colors, and do not forget to include one clear base coat nail polish that will serve as the base coat)

• A screwdriver or stick gauge 3mm

• A paint brush or 5mm aproximate diameter cylinder

• Paper fine sandpaper to polish and shine (280, 400)

• Mototool drill steel 1/32"

• Pliers for cutting metal (Shear Flush Cutters)

• Nose Pliers

• Hacksaw for jewelry or metal scissors (saw frame)

Step 1: Making Patterns

1. On the brass sheet, mark the desing with an indelible marker, in this case 3cm x 7cm (1,2in x 2,8in). Cut it with a hacksaw for jewelry or with scissors for metal. Then, polish it with a file or sandpaper and clean up the frame.

2. In the sheet, mark a 3x3cm (1,2x1,2in) square to make the flower design, and draw a circle in the middle, which will be the base of the flower, and where 4 petals will be drawn. Cut the petals in the same manner in which the above rectangle was cut, but making sure not to cut the central circle (or cut and paste the pattern of the design on the metal sheet)

3. Polish with sandpaper and clean the edges.

Step 2: Rings to Make the Chain

4. Find any cylindrical tool with the desired diameter. This will give you the diameter of the rings (A) In my case, I used a screwdriver. The copper wire is wrapped around the srewdriver. Make sure to turn the copper wire around it as many times as you can, so that you create the necessary rings. Then, remove the roll. With pliers, cut each of the rings following the same lines cut. And, we have the rings! (A).

5. To make the rings (B) use a tool with a wide diameter (In my case, I used a paint brush) make them thicker than the ring (A). Follow the same steps by wrapping the wire around the paint brush, removing the paint brush, and cutting the rings. But, these are left double. In other words, cut one wire and leave one uncut (intercalating) to make them double. (watch video)

There are two ways to do it. Either doing it one by one, or doing the whole roll and cutting it intercalating.

Step 3: the Chain

6. Take the two types of rings (A and B), and start intercalating them, Intercalate (A) with (B) and so on. Re,ember that the number of rings epends on the lsize of your wrist. We use pliers to open the ring (A) and put it in the ring (B). Ring (A) is the only one that opens or closes to form the chain. Ring (B), on the other hand, should always remain still. We closed ring (A) using tweezers. Remember that there are two sides to the chain to then put the brooch.

7. To make the brooch, I came up with an easy option . You can see in the video how to make one with the same wire, or you can buy a normal snap in a jewerly store.

Step 4: Drilling

8. Using the mototool, pierce the sheet of the handle and the flower to create ties. Use the drill steel 1/32".

First, mark on blades two dots in the middle to have a separation of 1cm or 0.1 inches. Make sure to mark them in the center, and mark the same dots with the same measurements in the middle of the flower. Then, mark dots on the corners of the manila to put the rings. (See image patterns for the items listed)

With the drill, drill where you marked your those dots, and make sure to polish it with fine sandpaper.

Step 5: The Assembly

9. With the brush, shape the bracelet long blade, so that it fits your hand. Softly, bend the corners, but do not touch the middle part. Then, with the pliers, bend the flower petals. (watch the video)

10. To put the parts together, use a piece of wire. Make a "U", introducing it from the bottom of the plaque, so that the wires are out reaching the flower. Introduce the wire in the flower, and turn the pliers to adjust the wires. Cut the end tips or excess wire, and make a small turn in the tip to create the pistils of the flower. (watch the video)

You will then join the chain that we did to the bracelet in the corners

Step 6: Painting

11. Once this whole process is completed, take the enamel colors of your choice. Use as many as you want. First, apply the colors. Do not spread them or brush them yet. Instead, apply them in spots. Then, use the "Base Coat", and brush them creating a “cloudy” look.

You can give other special effects using glitter glazes and thus create more eye-catching pieces.

After the piece is as we left it dry for 1 hour, and the piece is ready to wear.

Enjoy your jewelry and demonstrate that you too can make luxurious jewerly in an easy and fun way.

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