Introduction: Galaxy Infinty Scarf!

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Every girl needs a scarf that proves that the universe does, in fact, revolve around them!

This scarf is out of this world!

This scarf is the coolest in all of time and space!

And other such "space pun" fun!

Step 1: Supplies

This project is simple...but it takes a few days of drying time.
Here's what you will need:

Black cotton fabric (I used an old bed sheet)

Bleach and Spray Bottle

One-Step Tie Dye Kit

Fabric paint , Glitter paint and fabric paints too!

(Most paint will work fine. Acrylic craft paint can sometimes end up stiff...but works and softens after washing but may flake a little)

Vinyl circle stencil

Stipple paint brush

Sewing machine

Step 2: Bleaching!

Start with a half bleach, half water solution in a spray bottle.

Work outside somewhere for this.

Lay your fabric strips out...

Disregard the glaring sun and shadows!

Don't do this on a windy day.

Just go crazy and spray the bleach on the fabric.
Not want a lot of black space still showing.

Let it sit about 10 minutes...not too long or the bleach will burn holes in your fabric.

I spray the bleach in spotty trails along the fabric.

Look how cool the bleach spots look!
They turn out very coral.

Throw them in the wash with soap and run a cycle to rinse the bleach out.

Remove them from the washer and while still wet, lay them back outside.
(Or inside on a piece of plastic to protect your surface from dye)

Step 3: Dying!

Keep your fabric wet and warm.

Fill your Tie Dye bottles according to the package directions

and then go crazy! Swirl, splatter and splash the dye on the fabric.

(this is where 100% cotton helps...the dye wont take well into synthetic fabrics)

If you are working outside, this will leak through your fabric onto whatever is under it.

Next, wrap or roll up the scarf and put it in a plastic grocery bag...tie it off.

Repeat as necessary.

I throw all the bags into one bag to sit overnight.
I have to label it because I have so many helpers at my house!

Step 4: Rinsing!

After 6-8 hours it's time to rinse out the dye.
Run warm water from the tap and rinse until the water runs clear.

Throw them all in the washer with soap for a regular cycle.

Dry them...then lay them out.
You can see that nearly all the blue and green dye rinsed out.

Not quite as colorful as I'd hoped, but that's where the planets come in.

Step 5: Painting Prep!

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut stencil material or vinyl...
Just a variety of different sized circles!

Cut them apart and place them on the fabric...wherever you want a planet!

Get that pallet filled with a variety of paint colors...this is the fun part!

Step 6: Planetary Painting!

Using a stencil or stipple brush, just dab paint inside the circle.

Add different colors, add glitter paint...and glow-in-the-dark paint!

While it's still wet, just peel off the stencil.
It can be used again.

Perfect crisp lines!

Repeat as many times as necessary!
That's no moon! Wouldn't it be fun to paint in a little Death Star...or Millennium Falcon..or Tardis? could really GEEK out on this!

Now let the paint dry completely.

I let them sit overnight.

Step 7: Sewing!

Now the sewing!

Take your strip of the galaxy...mine measures 14" by 72"

Fold it in half so the painted planets are on the inside touching.

Run a sturdy straight stitch down the long side.

Now turn the scarf right side out!

Next, take the seams on either side and line them up so that the right sides are touching.

Set it into the sewing machine carefully so you don't catch any fabric underneath.
And begin sewing...

Sew around as much as you possible can.
It will start to get very bunched up so be careful!

Clip the will look tangled in a worries.
Just stuff the insides inside the scarf.

You will be left with just a tiny slit hole.

You can hand sew it...or just fold in the edges and run a short stitch across the I did.

Step 8: Wrap and Wear!

Now it's ready to wrap and wear!

If your planets are too stiff, throw the scarf in the wash one last time.

Dry it and that should soften the planets and make it much more comfy!

Stay warm all winter long with this fabulous galaxy wrapped around you!
Looks good with blue fabric too!

This is the perfect gift too!

Make a bunch and give to your friends, family...

or stick them in a stocking for Christmas!

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