Introduction: Galaxy Slushie Charm

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I love slushies and I love the whole idea of wearing galaxy designs on clothes and jewelry. So the thought of putting together really set it off for me and I had to make them. However this doesn't limit to being jewelry. You can also use it as a key chain or an ornament. The choice is up to you. And now, I'm going to show you how to make them yourself!

First, the supplies you'll need to make this:

  • Small plastic shot glasses- You can easily find them at Smart N Finals store. But be sure to only get the clear ones. not the solid colors. Otherwise you won't be able to see the galaxy effect through the cup and it defeats the purpose. :/
  • Resin or Glue- I'm going to use resin in this project because I already have experience in working with it and it gives more detailed results. But if you do not have any resin, you can use glue instead.
  • Cotton balls or stuffing- this is where you'll get the slush shape from. the material itself is very fluffy and can form into a slush shape easily.
  • 1 Purple and 1 Blue Liquid colorant or ink pens- We'll also be using ink colorant to add color to our slushie.
  • Glitter- Silver glitter is recommended for making the starry effect inside the slush. But other colors can work also.
  • Coffee straw- the small ones work well for this project since the cup itself is small. all you need to do is shorten the length.
  • An eye pin bail
  • Scissors
  • Gloves
  • key ring (optional)
  • necklace cord (optional)
  • ornament hook (optional)

Step 1: Making the Slush Liquid

First pour and mix your resin and hardener together until it's completely mixed making sure that it is clear of bubbles then set it aside.

This will be what you use for the drink part of your slushie. You'll only need a small amount unless you're making more than one slushie charm. If you don't have resin but have glue then skip this step. I'm using ice resin in this project.

Step 2: Making the Slush Base

While you wait for the extra bubbles to pop in your resin mixture, take a small piece of stuffing or at least 1-2 cotton balls and pull it slightly apart. Not all the way. you're kinda fluffing it out so the slush base can peek over the cup.. Then stuff it into your cup.

Step 3: Adding the Straw and Colorant to Your Slush

Now we're going to add one of the 2 colors I listed in the supplies in our slush base. I'm going to start with blue.

If you're using an ink pen like me, then simply pull the tip out of the pen case, cut the writing part off and wait for some of the ink to come out on its own. Once it does that, dab a small amount onto your slush base. Preferably dime sized.

After that, take your coffee straw that you've shortened and place it deep into the cup

Step 4: Pouring and Mixing the Resin Into the Slush Base

Now slowly pour some of your resin into the cup and mix in the ink. the ink will turn it from dark blue to a lighter blue when mixed in the stuffing.

If you're using glue instead of resin, you can do do the same step here.

Step 5: Adding the Purple Colorant and More Stuffing for the Top

We'll need to add one more cotton ball slightly pulled apart to set it off. So repeat step 2. Then take your purple color out the pen case and dab a small amount on top of the top slush base. Pour a little more resin on top and only mix it in a little making sure you can see both colors fused together.

Step 6: Adding the Glitter and Eye Pin Bail to Finish It Off

Last we will sprinkle some on top of our slush mixture. There is no limit to how much to add. put in as much as you want! Now place the bottom of the eye pin bail inside the cup. Push it down more if it hasn't reached the bottom of the cup enough.

Then let the it sit and dry from 12-24 hours depending on which resin or glue you've used and you're done!

From then on you can use it anyways you want! Make it into a necklace, key chain or ornament. Either way you've made your slushie! Enjoy your finished project and post photos in the comment section if you've done this project. Favorite or subscribe as well if you want to see more tutorials

thanks and I hope you enjoyed this!