Introduction: Galil AR Keychain

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After seeing the limited amounts of Galil merch, I went ahead and made my own. Any other rifle is fair game as well. Patience required, I would say 6/10, it takes a while to shape this material.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

To start off, here is what you will need to make this piece:


-Any steel, I really don't think it matters as long as its thick enough to not break. The stuff I used is 3 mm steel that I picked from home hardware for like 15$.



-Files, a LOT of them

-Vise, you could do it without this, but your gonna be at it for a lot longer....

-Bench Grinder, totally optional, makes it go a lot faster though.

-Drill and some good bits, your gonna need it to get through thicker metal like this.

Step 2: Template

First step is to print off a template, I used this picture. Then print it off and glue it onto the steel, literally any glue will work. I'm gonna leave the scale to you though, however keep in mind that making it too small will compromise its strength.

Step 3: Safety

Not gonna be a big deal with the hand tools, but when using power tools on metal always have eye, hand, and ear protection.

Step 4: Rough Grind

Next part is to rough grind around the template, I was able to get it to this shape just using the hacksaw and grinder. I would leave maybe one mm around the template, its gonna be easier to refine the shape with files than going straight in with the grinder.

Remember that your vise can bend and imprint the steel, when having the piece clamped, have wood or paper between the piece and the vise, it will save you trouble when sanding.

Step 5: Refine the Shape

Use the files to slowly refine the shape around the template. It takes a while, but you can see how nice it can get if you take long enough.

Step 6: Hardest Cuts

These are by far the hardest parts to cut out, the hole in the buttstock, and the magazine release. The largest hole in the stock also acts as a hole for a lanyard/ chain. Start by drilling it out, I used a bit that was just big enough to fit my smallest file inside of, then I slowly and painstakingly refined the shape. The smaller hole was just three smaller holes beside each other, then i carefully used the drill as a lathe of sorts, and joined the holes together. Mag release was done with a very thin blade on the hacksaw, it turned out quite well.

Step 7: Sanding

Started off with 80 grit aluminum oxide paper to get rid of scratches, then moved onto 150 grit, then 250, and finished it off with 1000 grit to get a nice finish.

Step 8: Finishing

I added a small ball chain, but you can use anything really, or just keep it as is.