Introduction: Gamer Cupcakes!

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I'm not much of a cupcake designer, but it's still fun and I'll explain how I did my designs. just having some fun!

Step 1: Pacman

To do this I started off by frosting my cupcakes white.
I mixed a little white with a bit of yellow frosting to get the color for Pacman. Grabbing a butter knife I plopped some down on one cupcake then shaped it with the tip of the knife. I used a tiny bit of blue food coloring to dot on Pacman to make the eye.
For the ghost I mixed white frosting with a bit of red food coloring to make a pink color then again shaped it out with a butter knife. I added eyes the same way.


I made this by mixing white frosting with A LOT, of red food coloring and placed that in a frosting decorator bag and made my design. easy. Haha

Step 3: Portal

I made the portal design with black frosting I got in the Halloween section at target and made my design. super easy.

Step 4: Alice Madness Returns

I used that same Halloween frosting to make this one.

Step 5: Pokemon!

using the same frosting I used for the horde cupcake I placed that on half the cupcake, then I used the black frosting to add lines.
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