Introduction: Garden Swing - Metal Bench and Construction

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Garden Swing - not to decorated, not to fancy, perfect for a garden. Durable and long lasting, because made from metal instead of wood.


- 3 metal rectangle pipes: 6m x 5cm x 5cm x 4mm for the frame

- 3 flat metal: 6m x 4cm x 3mm for the bench

- bench frame/sides (can be bought on internet easly)


- angle grinder

- drill

- welder

- paint roller

- some carpentry clamps

- measure tape

Step 1: Cutting Sides of the Frame

First of all is good to cut all elements at once. You will need:

For one leg You need to cut:

- 2,5 meters long - 2 pieces

- about 1,3 m long - leg reinforcment

- 45 cm long - 2 pieces

- 60 cm long - one piece

For the middle part which will connect the leg:

- 2 meters long for the top

- 2 meters long for the back reinforcement

For bench:

- 1,5 meterer long flat metal - 15 pieces

Step 2: A Shaped Side Leg With Decoration

The frame sides (legs) are in the shape of big 'A' letter. In our case,
we are also making the decors at the top of the A - it will make the frame look more elegant and a little bit stronger than without the decor.

Decoration will look like on the picture. Put all parts together, adjust the legs angle (as You like, somewhere at 125 degrees), then level the whole elements well using leveling tool and marke on legs where You need to cut them.

After cutting weld only the legs without the middle part. The middle part will be used in next step.

Step 3: H Shaped Top of the Frame

Take the middle from the leg decorations and weld it to the 2 meter long metal pipe to create loooong 'H' letter. Then use the carpentry clamps to tight the H letter with the two legs - like on the second picture.

Weld altogether.

Now also using the clamps, attach the second leg (third picture) and weld the whole construction.

Step 4: Top Decorations and the Hooks.

You can add additional decorations at the top. It's not hard to find some cool metal pieces in the shops which are selling elements form making fences. You can buy many different shapes - from long, to short, curved etc.

Hooks for the chains could be mounted in holes in the top of the frame. Use the 10mm drill to make holes.

Step 5: Bench

There are a lot of benches You can buy on internet. In my case, I've bought only the sides (the frame) which was also intended to use with wooden boards. Instead of them, I've used metal boards (1,5m x 3cm x 3mm) and the same shaped of the decorations like I've put on the top of the frame. All of this to have better fit of the bench with the frame (same metal, same decorations).

Step 6: Painting

When all elements are ready - paint them. Use the whatever paint You want, but don't use the brush. The brush will make the ugly smudges. Instead use the paint roller (with short hairs). The surface would be much smother and better looking. On the video You can see the difference between pain roller and brush.

Step 7: The End - Enjoy Your New Swinger :)

That's all. Now mount Your bench in the garden and just enjoy it :)

TIP: don't cut the chain. First test different settings by using the swinger.

If You have some questions or need advice - write in the comments. I'll answer them.