Introduction: Gemstone & Charm Memory Wire Bracelet

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This is a super easy bracelet that - for such little effort - looks really impressive! I love making memory wire bracelets – simply thread on your beads, loop the ends, and you’re done! I usually make quite random patterned memory wire bracelets; the different textures and colors seem to work well with the stacked look. As with almost all of our tutorials, you could make this bracelet using totally different colored beads – the possibilities are endless!


Mixed beads, 4mm to 8mm. Specifically in this design we have used:

In terms of the spacers, once again you can choose almost any style. We've used:

  • 4mm daisy spacers
  • 4mm cubes
  • 5mm rounds

The basic findings you will need are

  • Bracelet memory wire
  • 4mm jump rings
  • mixed charms

And the tools you'll need:

  • Round nose pliers
  • Memory wire cutters

Step 1: Cut the Wire & Make Loops

Cut your memory wire to you desired number of loops. Our bracelet has four full loops. Form a small loop in one end of the memory wire using your round nose pliers.

Step 2: Make the Charm Dangles

Make the charm dangles. Simple take a 4mm jump ring, open it up using pliers, and attach to the loop on your charm. Close up the jump ring as you will be simply threading this onto the memory wire.

Step 3: Thread on Your Beads

Thread on your beads! Although we have put our beads on fairly randomly, there is some method to the madness! We have grouped the beads together, usually in lots of 3 or 5. And we have repeated certain patterns within these groups. For example, the sections of moss agate 6mm beads are always spaced with 4mm silver daisy spacers; the matte 8mm Fancy Jaspers are always thread on in groups of three with no spacers; and, the charms are always cushioned with a 5mm round spacer either side of the jump ring. But these are just examples – you may design your groups in anyway that you fancy.

Step 4: Finish Off!

Finally, after all of your beads are on the wire, form a loop at the other end using your round nose pliers. Your loop will require about 1cm of clear wire.