Introduction: Gently Pat a Balloon and Set Off a ‘light’

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Recently, I participated in a corporate employee family day activities in Shanghai, in this activity, we used the recently upgraded touch glow balloon, the effect is very good, the following I will take you to see this new upgrade balloon bar.

This is our touch-light balloon, made from sound sensing and photosensitive sensors, and when you shoot a balloon, the ball lights up, and the surrounding balloons sense a change in light, which also lights up, so that all balloons in the space are lit.

The new balloon new upgrade, the circuit board and lamp directly into the balloon, the installation process is more simple, do not need to fix the circuit board and vibration chip outside, direct gas can be, and reduce the wiring workload, simple and beautiful.

Live experiencers into this "wake-up lab" have taken pictures, said the texture of the ball looks good, clapped up feel very good, the device is full of curiosity, very suitable for taking photos and activity warm field.

There are three modes of this glowing balloon: blue-purple transition fade-out mode, seven-color transition fade-out mode, and color ever-light mode. All three modes, as well as sensing time and delay, can be adjusted with our small remote control.

Next, I will take you to see how the balloons are loaded.

Step 1: Gas the Balloons

First of all, gas, the balloon on the mouth unscrewed, with our matching fan the largest mouth inserted, open the fan can be. Note that the fan should stop for 15 minutes to avoid overheating, the balloon hit the tip corner of the seam round on it. If you worry about it, the balloon can be tested before it is fixed.

Step 2: Fix the Balloons

Fill up the balloons! To! Use! Let's go!

But we also have to build an iron shelf (or barbed wire) in order to secure the balloon to the grid frame. When fixed, use a tie strap to be put into the balloon's ring.

Step 3: Connect the Power Cord

Fixed the balloon, is wired, the DC plug inserted into the interface behind the balloon, each balloon in series will be wire male-female plug, pay attention to the position of the small groove inside, do not put the positive and negative poles back. A group of 15 to 20 balls is recommended.

Step 4: Power On

Plug one end of each set of balloons into the power supply, then secure the power cord to the power supply, red positive, black negative, plug in the power supply can be used.

Note that the powered-on balloon may not have a uniform mode, when the remote control is used to press the desired mode number for each balloon (1, 2, 3).

Step 5: Test

Whether you shoot gently or heavily, the balloon will light up, thus forming a light ripple, very good-looking. Event heating drains, business center creative space, you can experience this balloon!

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