Introduction: Geometric Sphere

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This project is actually made from scrap and basic difference between scrap and trash is that, trash is something which you don't require it is waste but scrap are the things which are you can say by-product of your project or waste from your projects. But every time u can't say them as waste because scraps can sometime help you to make a awesome thing and hear what I am going to do is awesome and is done with scrap if you like it please vote me for the scrap challenge.


Cardboard scrap

Step 1: Collect All Scrap

Collect all the scrap cardboard pieces and short out little big ones for this project.

Step 2: Drawing Base Shape

Now take a rough sheet and draw of 5 cm straight line, then from the ends of the line draw arc of 3 cm using a round. After this join the points together to make a triangle with the measurement 5x3x3. When you are done with this, take both the 3cm sides as base and draw 2 more line of measurement 3 cm at an angle of 110 degree. Join all the edges to get a similar figure as provided in the image. Now extend little bit a little bit of space from the shapes as given in the picture for or later use in joining the shapes together.

Step 3: Making Triangular Shapes

Now fold the extra areas from the previous step and paste the corner to make a 3D triangular piramid. when you get the exact pyramid like provided in the image. Make total 20 pieces similar to this and after that move to the further step.

*I'm waiting patiently.*

Step 4: First Five Pieces

When you are ready with your 20 pieces, start pasting the first two pieces. For this we are going to paste the extra cardboard slots together. Take your time and do the work firmly and patiently because if the bond will be weak our sphere would collapse at any moment of time.

So have patience.

Step 5: Completing the Sphere

you were successful in the last step and now you have learn the way to work further so carry on pasting other pieces till you and with the last one left. For pasting the last piece, just unfold the extra area straight and apply extra glue.
Now slide it in the gap. There would be a pressure between piece and slot which will help to paste it without external pressure.
**Note- Don't apply much force on pieces untill the glue doesn't dries.

Step 6: Final Touch

This time no final touch. I have left this part for you. So I want to see how you are making it more attractive and decorative. Hence, I am waiting for your reply, I wanna see your version of this geometric sphere.

Till then "work on."

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