Introduction: German Rum Pot (Rumtopf)

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When my husband and I got married 15 years ago, one of the guests gifted us a stoneware jar with rumtopf printed on it. I thought it was for storing sugar or maybe flour (ha-ha) but then my husband taught me about this dessert that they often served back home (his home) during Christmas, which can be eaten as is (too strong for me though), served with ice cream (my fav.!), waffle, crepes, pancake etc., called rum pot and the stoneware is to be used to make it.

I have been making rum pot ever since, not just for Christmas but whenever fruits are abundant at stores, so come summer, come fall, come winter, come spring, basically almost whenever, you can almost always find rum pot in my house *grins*

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

You will need any kinds of fruits you like, but normally we use:

Apples, skinned, washed, seeded, sliced or cubed

Mangoes, skinned, washed,cored, sliced or cubed

Peaches, skinned, washed, cored, sliced or cubed

Pears, skinned, washed, seeded, sliced or cubed

Plums, washed, cored, sliced or cubed (skinned or not, it doesn't matter for plums)

1 kg sugar

at least 1 L of good rum

Soak the fruit in the stoneware jar with rum, by alternating sugar, fruit, and rum. So basically, pour some the sugar, top with some of the fruits, then pour some of the rum. Repeat this steps alternating one to another until all ingredients used up.

Cover the stoneware jar with plastic wrap then top with the lid of the jar, which then you cover it with plastic wrap as well.

Place the jar in a cool area of the house (not fridge), such as under bed or cool and somewhat dark storage room/pantry and leave it for 3 months.

Your fruits will be soften and changed in colors once ready. You can check it once awhile after a couple of weeks being stored.


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