Introduction: Giant Altoids Survival Kit

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The Giant Altoids tin.  10 ounces of Altoids.  That's 5.681818181818182 regular tins worth of mints.  I can't even FATHOM that.  This Altoids tin is so big, it can fit other Altoids tins inside. 

Observe, the nesting Russian Altoids tins. (Ok, so the third one isn't an Altoids tin.  So sue me.)

Step 1: I Heard You Leik Altoids Survival Kits.

Moving on.

Step 2: I Have a Giant Altoids Tin. What Do?

Like any good Instructable-er, you put stuff in it!  Look at all the stuff I can put in mine!
-adhesive medical strips
-plastic bag
-flash drive
-pocket calculator
-pen, Fisher Space
-duct tape
-small Leatherman knock-off
-ChapStick (or in this case Ch/ick)
-tooth pick
-sugar packet
-crushed red pepper packet
-moist towelette
-ear plugs
-sewing kit


3 regular-sized Altoids tins.  Need ideas?  That's right, three.  Read 'em and weep.

Step 3: You Call That a Survival Kit? THIS Is a Survival Kit!

Right, so you've gently placed your smaller, weaker Altoids tins into the warm embrace of the giant Altoids tin and now you're ready to go!  Just stick it in your pocket and you're on your way.  See?  You won't even notice it's there.