Introduction: Giant Bristle Bot

I wanted to make a project for the battery powered and the toy contests so i added my own twist on a  normal bristle bot.

Step 1: Materials


4 bbq skewers plus about 2 inches of another
1 battery
1 rubber band
1 small motor
something to use as a weight i used a small metal plate

Step 2: Legs

Take two of your bbq skewers and simply glue them together at a right angle
repeat with the other two legs
you should have two sets of identical legs at the end

Step 3: More Legs

glue the two sets of legs you made together so that all four touch the ground

Step 4: Strengthening the Legs

cut four pieces of wire
take one wire and wrap it around one of the legs three times about 4 inches from the top
stretch the wire across o the other leg and wrap all the extra around it
make sure the wire is taught
glue wrap to make sure it stays in place
repeat on the other four legs
you could also use string if you dont have any thin wire

Step 5: Vibrating Motor

if you already have a vibrating motor use that
otherwise take any kind of motor and glue an off centered weight to it
in my case a metal plate

Step 6: Attaching the Battery

if you have a AA battery holder use that
otherwise take a fat rubberband that fits tightly around the battery
put it around the battery
glue the rubberband to the underside of the leg structure.
put the battery back in the rubberband

Step 7: Mounting the Motor

take the vibrating motor and glue the back end o the top of the leg structure
glue the front of the motor to the bar
finished :)

to turn it on simply slip on of the leads from the motor onto each side of the battery so that they are touching the contact points on the battery
it should start vibrating
place it down on a flat hard surface (like a table or wood floor)
and let go
it will start moving around :)

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