Introduction: Giant Crayon

At my house we have a ton of crayons that no one uses. So I decided to make a giant crayon with them! It’s quite a simple project and doesn’t require much. You may want adult supervision if you’re a kid, as you will be carving your crayon at the end and will be handling hot wax.



About 9 or more crayons

A tube to use as a mold

Parchment paper

A knife (to cut and carve your crayon)

An ice cube tray or microwave safe bowl

Construction paper (optional)

A marker (optional)

Step 1: Preparing the Tube

We’re going to start off by preparing the tube so the crayon can slide out easily.

First, take a piece of paper and measure how much you need by rolling it in the outside of the tube. Then make a line on where they meet and cut it. Next, roll your paper into the shape of the tube and gently insert it until all of it is in the tube. Lastly, take a small square of parchment paper and put it under the tube, and stand the tube up.

Step 2: Getting the Crayons Ready

In this step we prepare the crayons by taking off the paper and chopping them.

First, take a crayon and carefully make a slit along the paper around it with a knife. Then begin peeling off the paper from the slit. The crayon should have no paper left on it.

Repeat this step for all of your crayons.

Once all of the crayons have no paper left cut them up; I cut mine into fourths. Once all of your crayons are cut up place them in your bowl or ice cube tray. (If you have different colors you might want to scramble colors up if you are using an ice cube tray)

WARNING: The bowl of ice cube tray will get dirty and it will be hard to wash off so don’t use a nice one.

Step 3: Melting the Crayons

In this step we melt the crayons and pour them into the tube.

Now that your crayons are in your bowl or ice cube tray, put them in the microwave. They took a lot longer to melt than I thought. I think I put them in there for a total of 5-8 minutes. Make sure to check on them every minute and maybe give them a stir.

Once your crayons are melted carefully pour them into your mold. You will need to let your crayon cool before taking it out.

WARNING: The crayons will get very hot so be careful while taking them out of the microwave and pouring them.

Step 4: Taking Out the Crayon

In this step we take the crayon out and make it ready to carve.

Once your crayon is cooled slowly push it out of the tube.

It is important to be gentle while doing this. When I took my crayon out I noticed that the top of it was not filled. If your crayon is the same you can carefully cut off that part. Make sure that your crayon is smooth and will be ready to carve. This part is quite messy so I did it on a paper towel.

Step 5: Carving Your Crayon

In this step we will carve the crayon so it looks like one.

Start off by making a mark where you should begin carving your crayon. It is easier if you have a normal crayon next to you for reference.

Then begin carving upwards at a slant until you get it like a crayon. Make sure not to take too much off of it; it works best to carve it little by little until you have the desired shape.

Step 6: Crayon Wrapping (optional)

In this step we will design a crayon wrapper to go around our giant crayon.

First start off by measuring a piece of constructing paper and wrapping it around the crayon. We will then hot glue one of the ends on the outside. I found that putting hot glue on the paper and trying to stick it to the crayon doesn’t work well because the crayon started melting for me. It is best if you hot glue the end on the outside.

Once your wrapper is glued you can design the wrapper with a marker.

Enjoy your new giant crayon :)

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