Introduction: Ugly Christmas Socks

These ugly sweater inspired socks are really fun, and they will compliment your ugly sweater perfectly! These were really easy to make, and they were super cheap. And the most important part, is that they were fun to make!


•2 Socks (The uglier, the better)
•Red, Green, and White mini pom-poms
•Colorful Christmas Tree lights
•A Sharpie
•Hot Glue

Step 1: Find Out How Much Tinsel You Need

To find how much tinsel you need to wrap around the top of the sock, you are going to want to start by putting on one sock. Then once your sock is on, wrap the tinsel around your ankle and cut off any extra, making sure to leave a couple inches left extra.

Step 2: Hot Glue Your Tinsel to the Sock

Now that you know how much tinsel you need, you can start hot glueing it on! I found that it was helpful for me to keep the sock on and put some cardboard under it, so you don’t burn yourself. Now, slowly and carefully glue your tinsel onto the sock, going one side at a time, and giving each side about a minute to cool down.

Step 3: Decorate It!

Now that you have glued on your tinsel, gently take off the sock, and put a piece of cardboard in it. Once that is done is should look somewhat like the first picture. Now, hot glue on your mini pom-poms, and put on as many or as little as you choose. Once the pom-poms are glued on take a few of the tops off of your Christmas lights and glue those on. Lastly draw a line on top of the Christmas light tops with a black marker, so it looks like they’re hanging from it.

Step 4: Repeat!

Now that you have done one sock, carefully take out the cardboard and do the same thing with another sock, and then you’re done!

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