Introduction: Gilded Macaroni Necklace

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A fresh take on an old classic!

This gilded macaroni necklace is stylish and easy to make.

Step 1: Choosing Your Materials

*All Materials can be sourced from your local Craft or Art Supply Store*

"Having the right tools is half of the job" - Steve Woll aka My Dad
  • Gold Leaf Kit (sizing adhesive and gold leaf. I am using Old World Art brand)
  • 2 Disposable Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • String or Yarn (be thoughtful when choosing color and weight as this is a major element of your necklace)
  • Cue-Tips
  • Paper Plates

Step 2: Apply Sizing (Adhesive)

  • Push noodle onto cue-tip end
  • Evenly brush on the adhesive "sizing" from your gold leaf kit
  • Set noodles aside on a paper plate or protected surface
  • Allow to dry until clear and very tacky

*Be meticulous when applying the sizing. The leaf will only stick to where you have painted so if you want to play with pattern or leave some areas natural, now is the time.*

Step 3: Add Gold Leaf

  • Start with a fresh paintbrush
  • Gently drape one sheet of gold leaf over the noodle
  • Burnish the gold leaf down by running the brush over the leaf
  • Dust off any additional gold

Step 4: Seal It!

  • Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish over each noodle
  • Allow to dry fully
  • This will not only made your noodles look sleek, it will also protect them from wear!

Step 5: String It!

  • Cut your cord(s) of choice 10" or so longer than your target length
  • String through your first gold noodle
  • Loop around and thread each end back through from opposite sides
  • Add another noodle and repeat with as many as you would like
  • Tie a tight knot for a long necklace or a slip-knot for a short one so that it can be untied easily

Step 6: Wear It!