Introduction: Ginger Tea

- Ginger has a pungent smell and a very hot taste.It is useful for curing many common diseases and is used for home remedies.

- Ginger can be used to make tea which contains many vitamins,minerals like magnesium.

- Ginger tea relieves sore throat and cough.It also relieve stress and makes you stay refreshed and calm.

Ingredients for 2 cups of ginger tea:

- 2 cups water

- 3/4 cup milk

- Inch of ginger

- Sugar as per your sweetness

- 2 teaspoon black teapowder or tea leaves

Step 1: Grate Ginger and Keep Ready

-Take an inch of ginger and grate it

Step 2: Preparing Tea

- Take 2 cups water in kettel or saucepan and bring to boil. When water starts boiling add grated ginger and mix.

- Boil this ginger water for 3 to 4 minutes till the color of water changes to yellowish hue and ginger releases its juices and flavour in water and the color of water changes

Step 3: Add 2 Teaspoon Black Tea Powder or Tea Leaves

Once ginger water has turned slightly yellow color,I added 2 teaspoon tea powder and simmered for 2 more minutes till color of water gets a deep hue of red.

Step 4: Add Sugar

Add sugar according to your sweetness and simmer for two more minutes

Step 5: Add Milk

For 2 cups tea add 3/4 cup milk. If your not used of adding milk you can skip it. Add milk and simmer for few more minutes

Step 6: Strain Tea

strain tea using strainer in to cups.

Step 7: Enjoy Ginger Tea

Enjoy ginger tea with biscuits