Introduction: Ginger Vodka in Etched Glass Gift Jars

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I wanted to create some festive gifts that included yummy adult beverages. I love ginger drinks and have been making ginger infused alcohols for some time now.

The idea is really simple.

Add Ginger to your favorite Vodka, let it rest together, and enjoy!
My second variation is for Ginger - Lime Gin. YUM.

The Jars were a little more effort than the infusing but really make this a reuseable gift.
First make a mask for the text - I used Shelf Paper. It was cut on the vinyl cutter and placed on the jar.
Next step is to put the jar in the sandblasting cabinet and etch a texture over the whole outer surface.
The text areas will be clear windows into the jars contents.

Step 1: Prepare Jars for Stickers

Completely wash the jars to remove residues and oils that may prevent the lettering to stick.

Step 2: Create Font Masking Stickers

I found a couple fonts I liked and cut out bold stickers saying "ginger vodka" and "Ginger Lime Gin" using the vinyl cutter and shelf paper.

You could easily freehand a similar mask with a hobby knife.

Step 3: Prepare the Lettering for Transfer and Place on Jars

After the letters are cut they need to be "weeded" which is to remove all that is not what you want. a transfer film was added to the lettering to help position all the sticker parts and hold them together as one.

Place the lettering on the jars how you like them. Rub the letters on really well so they don't fall off in the next step.

Step 4: Sandblast Jars

I suggest leaving a lid on the jar while blasting so as to protect the inside and seal from etching.

Use the sandblaster to frost the glass jars being careful not to blast the sticker letters off.
Once the whole jar has a consistent frosted texture, remove the masks. Wash jars again in hot water with soap to sterilize them.

An alternative to sandblasting would be a light coating of spray paint.

Step 5: Cut Ginger and Lime

Prepare your lime and ginger.

Slice limes into 1/4 inch thick disks.
Peel and slice ginger into 1/4 inch slabs. Compost your ginger peelings to make your garden happy.

Step 6: Fill Jars

Each jar got a hand full of ginger as marked by it's label, and some of the jars got a few lime slices as well.
The Jars will be filled to about the 1/4 height.
Next comes the booze! Fill them up to the shoulder of the glass.
Be sure to put what it says on the jar in the jar.

Step 7: Seal Jars

Boil a pot of water to be a sealing bath. Lightly close the lids but not too tight.
Heat the jars in the hot water bath until you start hearing the lids pop. Remove from the bath and let cool. As they cool they will create a vacuum and pop the lids inward. Tighten the lids the rest of the way.
The image of two jars shows one lid normal unsealed up position, and the right side one popped in proving there is a vacuum inside.

Step 8: Let It Rest

As the mixture rests, the infusion of flavors will become stronger. Over night works. A couple days is good. A week is great. I have a big jug of vodka that has been infusing for months now and it is delicious.
Be patient.

Step 9: Enjoy!!

When you can't stand it anymore, open the jars to reveal a bold and flavorful treat.
These drinks were inspired by my Grandmother who loved a good Gimlet in her day.
Rather potent on it's own, these drinks mix well.
Mix with Ginger Ale or Tonic water and ice. Garnish with lime and enjoy!

I engraved the glass jars at the Tech Shop in San Carlos.

Side note... Do not drink and operate expensive equipment. You might spill your drink.
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