Introduction: Glass Bead Bracelets

A fun way to make accessories for summer outings

Step 1: Supplies

  • Jewelry wire (24 gauge german style wire shown)
  • Assorted glass beads (The designs in this tutorial are 11/0 and 6/0 round beads plus a larger bead for the centerpiece)
  • Jewelry clasps
  • Wire crimping/cutting tool

Step 2: Design 1

This bracelet has a repeating pattern three 11/0 beads followed by one 6/0 beads with a single large bead in the center.

Begin with a length of wire a bit longer than the desired length of the bracelet

Attach one side of the clasping mechanism to an end of the wire

Begin adding beads in the chosen pattern.

Add the smaller beads until the bracelet is half the target length then add the single large bead

Complete the other half using the same alternation pattern of 6/0 and 11/0 beads.

Add the other half of the clasping mechanism and trim any excess wire

Step 3: Design 2

This bracelet has looping pattern of 11/0 beads. The sides of the loops are formed with 8 dark blue beads (four per side). Each loop is closed with a single light blue bead

Begin with a length of wire a bit longer than twice the desired length of the bracelet.

fold the wire in half and add the first light blue bead. Leave a small loop at that end. This will be the loop the clasp attaches to.

Add 4 dark blue beads to each end of the wire followed by a single light blue bead threaded through BOTH wires.

Pull the two wires apart to tighten the loop and repeat the process until the bracelet is the desired length.

Close the final loop with a light blue bead.

Attach the clasp (make sure to attach it to both ends of the wire)

Trim any excess wire.

Rush out to find someone to show it to.

Step 4: Variations

A huge variety of bracelets can be made my varying color, beading pattern, and structure of the bracelets.