Introduction: Glass Bead Ring Patterns and Instructions on How to Make a Christmas Ring

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This is a tutorial on making a glass bead ring for Christmas. If you are interested in it, just get a try following my tutorial below. Do you want to wear special jewelry on Christmas day? Today I'm going to show you how to make a charming glass bead Christmas ring with red pearl bead, green glass beads, brown glass beads and gold seed beads. It seems difficult to make it judging from the picture, but in fact it is easy to make it if you have acquired the basic square pattern beading technique. Let's check the bead ring patterns and instructions together.

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Glass Bead Christmas Ring:

6mm Glass Pearl Bead

4mm Green Czech Glass Beads

4mm Brown Faceted Glass Beads

Gold Brass Crimp End Beads

0.3mm Tiger Wire


Step 2: Bead a Small Unit

1st, snip off a piece of 0.3mm tiger wire(about 50cm), slide 3 brown faceted glass beads on and then cross the ends through another brown glass bead and tighten;

2nd, slide a brown glass bead to each wire, and cross the wires through another brown glass bead and tighten to form the second square pattern;

3rd, thread 8 gold seed beads to the lower wire, and cross the ends again through a brown glass bead and tighten up.

Step 3: Bead the Rest 3 Units to Form a Square

1st, slide a brown glass bead to each wire and cross the ends through a brown glass bead and tighten just as what you did in step 1;

2nd, bead another small brown square pattern and add the gold seed beads as the procedures in step 1;

3rd, follow the beading pattern and make the rest units, and it finally ended up like the picture shows.

Step 4: Add Green Glass Bead and Red Pearl Adornments

1st, slide a 4mm green glass bead to each wire, then cross the wires through a 6mm red pearl bead;

2nd, slide a green glass bead to each wire, and then thread the wires through the brown glass bead in front respectively;

3rd, slide a green glass bead to one wire, and then through the wire through its way to the next square pattern, add a green glass bead and make it the center of that square pattern;

4th, repeat above process and add more green glass beads adornments as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Finish the Glass Bead Ring

1st, slide 2 brown glass beads to each wire respectively, and cross the ends through another brown glass bead and tighten;

2nd, repeat above procedure and bead more square patterns and stop when you've reached a length that is suitable for your finger;

3rd, thread the wire through 2 brown glass beads on the fringe respectively and finally trim off the extra wires.

Step 6:

This is the final look of this glass bead ring on my finger! It's no doubt that I love it!

Nowadays, more and more people wear handmade jewelry on Christmas day and even every day. Handmade jewelries are cheap and also it is a pleasant thing to make DIY on your own! Why not have a try then?