Introduction: Glass Marble Knob

A new twist on making homemade knob using shrink paper and a glass marble.

Step 1: Gather Items for This Project

In this project gather the items needed to accomplish the goal. I was debating which shrink plastic or paper material to use until I opted for the ink jet glow in the dark. I ended up needing the following items:

- flat glass marbles ( purchased at the dollar store)

- machine screws, bolts and washers

- ink jet shrink film material (glow in the dark )

- mod podge dimensional magic

- E-6000 glue

- scissors

- paint brush

- baking pan

- parchment paper

- puncher (used 3 1/2 round scallop punch by Marvy)

Step 2: Glue Machine Screw to the Glass Marble

Select the glass marbles needed for this project. Glue the washers onto the flat surface of the glass marble

before gluing on the machine screw. Let the items dry overnight to set. Make sure to use the appropriate size machine screw for your project.

Step 3: Print Image on an Ink Jet Shrink Paper

Choose an image online and print this image on the ink jet shrink paper. Most ink jet shrink paper tells you the directions for printing your images. In this example I chose the brand Nufun Activities since it is glow in the dark.

After printing the image, I chose a puncher that is 3 1/2 inches round scallop since that image will shrink up to 1/3 its size.

Step 4: Punch the Images and Bake

Punch the images printed on the shrink paper and bake the items on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

I baked the items at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-2 1/2 minutes or until the items are somewhat flat. Take the item out of the oven and flatten with a oven mitt.

Step 5: Paint Mod Podge Dimensional Magic for a Glossy Look

Paint the shrink images with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic for a glossy finish. Let this dry overnight to set.

Step 6: Glue Shrink Image to the Glass Marble Knob

Glue the shrink image to the glass marble knob once the glass knob and the shrink images are dry. Arrange the image upside down on a piece of paper. Glue the glass knob on top of it. Let this dry overnight.

Step 7: Check to Make Sure the Material Is Dry Before Instalation

Check to make sure the material is dry and ready for the installation.

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