Introduction: Glass Nano Leaf Panels

You'll need scissors, a box cutter, front facing glass frames, RBG strips, E6000 Glue, and window tint.

Step 1: Take the Glass Out of the Frame

Gently remove the glass out of the frame

Step 2: Cut the Frames

Cut the Frame so it makes a perfect rectangle. Keep the black paper from the frame. If your frame doesn't have any, then cut out some paper the size of the frame.

Step 3: Clean the Glass

Wipe the glass with a damp paper towel or cloth.

Step 4: Tint the Glass

Lightly spray the glass and place the tint on the top. Cut the tint around the glass the smooth it out with a credit card.

Step 5: Put Your Glass in the Frame

Gently place the glass into the frame and smooth out all air bubbles with your credit card.

Step 6: Make Your Design

Place your frames in a nice design that you like.

Step 7: Glue Your Frames Together

Glue all of your frames together in your cool design. And let it dry for a few hours

Step 8: Place the Strips

Put the RBG strips on the back of the Frames. Make sure the light is facing away from the glass.

Step 9: Glue the Paper

Hot glue the paper to the back of the frames. Cut off the excess RBG strip from the end.

Step 10: Hang Up Your Completed Design

Once you've completed the previous steps you project is completed!

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