Introduction: Glass and Slate Home Decor

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These beautiful hanging slate tiles are truly an easy and fun one day project.
I started making these after a tragic glass accident. I WAS making a floating glass top coffee table, but while I was drilling holes into my shatterproof glass I forgot to use a coolant with my diamond tip drill bit.. guess what happened... Yep, it shattered! But what was nice about it, is that the thick shatterproof glass broke into thousands of thick chunks of glass. I instantly loved the glass shards and saved them. These slate tiles are just a few of the projects I've since made with my glass.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

For this project you will need:
Glass shards
Slate tile
Glue or decoupage
Small paint brush
Stickers or temporary tattoos
*Slate tiles can be difficult to obtain if you don't know where to get them. Keep in mind that you can still makes these using a piece of wood, an old plate or platter or an old picture frame.

Step 2: Getting Started

There's no certain order for this instructable, it's completely up to your creative process. For me I started with playing with my glass.
I spread my glass into a plastic storage bin lid. (It helps keep the glass safely in one place when the cat jumps up onto my work area.)
Put different pieces together until your image starts to appear.

Step 3: Add Some Paint

You don't have to paint your slate tile, but I enjoy the pop of color.
I used some spray paint to lightly coat my tiles. Allow to dry completely.
At this point I also sprayed some paint onto a handful of glass to be used later.

Step 4: Start Decoupaging

At this point I poured some of my decoupage onto a foam plate.
Using my small paint brush I put a small amount of decoupage onto my slate tile and moving a few pieces at a time I place my glass in the decoupage.
Continue adding decoupage and glass until your picture is complete. For my candles I'm done with the glass, but for my butterfly tile I only decoupaged the outline of the butterfly and will be adding more, but I want my outline to dry first.

Step 5: Add Some Detail

For some added detail I'm adding my colored glass shards to my butterfly along with a few butterfly stickers.
For my candle tile I added a temporary tattoo.
*if you use a tattoo or sticker you should add a sealant over them.

Step 6: Add Your Twine and Done

Using twine makes for an easy way to hang your new decor piece.
Start by cutting a piece of twine. I cut mine about 12 inches long.
I took one end of my twine and passed it through my tile back to front and tied a few knots at the end of the twine.
Next I took the other end of the twine and passed it through my other tile hole and again added several knots. For bigger holes you may have to continue to add knots until your knots are larger than the hole.
*Part of the reason I love this project is because the only limit is your imagination. Enjoy and please share what you make.

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