Introduction: Globe Stress Ball

If you're looking to make a stress ball that also has a map on, look no further than this instructable.


White ball


Green Marker

Blue Marker

Green paint

Blue paint

Step 1: White Ball

Start with a white ball

Step 2: Outline the Equator

Draw a line across the whole globe. This will be the equator, which will be a great reference for next three steps.

Step 3: Outline With Pencil

Outline the continents with a pencil. Use a globe or world map to complete this step.

Step 4: Outline With Blue Marker

Go over your pencil outline with a blue marker. It should look something like the picture above

Step 5: Lightly Color

Lightly color the insides of your outlines with a green marker

Step 6: Paint Over

Paint over the green parts of the globe with green paint. Paint the rest of the globe with blue paint. And there you have it - the finished product!

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