Introduction: Modular Origami Balloon | Made ​​of Paper | Air Balloon

About: My blog, like my YouTube channel, is oriented to work done with my hands with or without the help of tools, especially using paper as the main base.

Well I will not lie to them esta balloon takes enough time in the folding of the modules and we must be patient and pay a lot of attention to detail and the bottom line of all, Mark , look very crease Each AFTER para Power arm problems sin module.

Step 1: Materials:

  1. A4 colored sheets
    cutter (Optional )

  2. Rule (Optional )

  3. A piece of foam board (Optional )

  4. A folder (Optional )

  5. Hilo half a skewer stick

Step 2: Video Step by Step

Step 3: Overhead View of Globe

Step 4: Balloon Basket and Passenger

Step 5: Globe Story

A balloon is not driven aerostatic aircraft that uses the principle of Archimedes fluids to fly , meaning the air as a fluid.
They are always made up a bag that contains a mass of gas lighter than air and hence it is popularly known as balloon . At the bottom of this bag you can go a solid structure called a gondola or you can " attach " any body type , such as a sensor.

As they have any type of propellant , balloons were " carried away " by the draft, although there are some guys who can control their elevation.