Introduction: Glow in the Dark Powder (HourGlass!?)

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I made this based on a toy I had when I was young.

It was basically 2 glass pieces with colored sand and water in it.

And here is how to make your own, but glow in the dark. (Or you can use very fine sand and water)

Step 1: Things You Need:

- 2 pieces of plexiglass (Whatever size you want, but both same dimensions)

- Hot glue gun

- Glow in the dark powder

- A piece of thin foam paper

- Water

Step 2: Sealing:

Put the thin foam paper between the 2 pieces of plexiglass and align them

Start sealing with the hot glue

Leave the top part unsealed

Step 3: Adding the Powder:

I used a piece of paper to scoop the powder and add it between the plexiglass pieces (I fill it less than half)

Then I added water (I recomend boiling it first and letting it cool down so it won't get dirty overtime)

I let a little air space at the top and the sealed it completly (make sure all the powder is soaked and there are no bubbles in the water before sealing it)

Step 4: All Done!

Here is a video that shows how it looks and works: