Introduction: Secret Graduation Cap Money Stash

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Hide your money and other small / flat objects in this easy to make DIY project!

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

- A simple graduation cap

- White cardboard

- A pair of scisors

- A marker

- Some hand writing skills (optional)

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard:

Trace the bottom circle of the cap on the cardboard and cut it using the scisors

Check if it fits snug because we will use friction to make the cardboard stay inside the cap

Step 3: The Fun Part:

Here is where the hand writing skills help

Write some random signatures and names on the cardcoard to make the cap seem more legit

Step 4: Cut a Small Piece of Cardboard:

This will help to lift up the cardboard base

Step 5: Putting Everything Together:

Put the small piece of cardboard on the side and tuck it under the fabric

Add the money and other secret stuff

Push the cardboard all the way down flat (it should stay snug and not fall down too easy if you cut it correctly)

Step 6: Finished!

I might have to reglue the facric around that small cardboard piece but other than that no one will suspect a thing because the cap already made from cardboard, and if someone wants to try it on, the bottom won't fall if done correctly and the signatures and names on it will make it look more legit

And that's it! An easy to make secret stach inside a graduation cap.

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