Introduction: Glow in the Dark Slime! (No Borax Detergent)

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I finally figured out a simple recipe for slime / putty that worked for me and doesn't need borax detergent, but another, much easier to find product that contains borax:

Borax Glycerin, that can be found at any pharmacy!

Step 1: Things You Need:

- Any school glue (I don't know if my glue is PVA, as most slime recipes need)

- Borax glycerin (find it at any pharmacy, it's in small quantity but you don't need too much anyway)

- Glow in the dark powder or food dye (but those are optional)

- Something to mix in (a cup or bowl, depends on how mush you will make)

- Something to stir with

Step 2: Mixing:

Add the glue into the cup (the glue is greenish from the glow powder)

Then add 3 - 5 small drops of borax glycerin (depending on the type and how much glue you use)

Start mixing and in few seconds the mix should start getting slimey and will stick to the mixing stick

That's when it's ready to take it out and start mixing it with your hands, it should feel wet and sticky but as you mix it won't stick to your hands

The glow in the dark powder can be added while you knead it but I recomend to mix it first with the glue before adding the borax glycerin so you avoid the mess

Step 3: Thats It!

The easiest way to make slime / putty I found that actually and finally worked for me

I can't find borax detergent anywhere where I live... And when I found that other products contain borax and were easy to find I had to try it!