Introduction: Glow in the Dark Dry-Erase Board (whiteboard)

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You can draw and erase simply with a tissue...Sitting in your bed at night.
Draw even when it almost doesn't glow and that is after many hours anyway. Then just put it under a light for a few minutes and continue.
It works like a regular dry-erase whiteboard except it glows in the dark!

And you can save some electricity with this gadget too. is a list of some other things what you can do with this DIY ''green board'':
- Draw in the dark or in a daytime with whiteboard marker and erase with a tissue.
- Put thin paper on it and use the backlight to draw with pencil.
- Draw with LED light
- Read a book with it
- Navigate your way in dark
- Use it for messages
- Make a spot for keys or anything from it
- Do shadow images
- Or you can just watch how nice it glows:)

Here is a list of basic things i used. But in this tutorial i will tell you what else you can use and i´ll give you some tips. And i have first one: You can draw with a flashlight! It looks so awesome that you might build this just because of that:D Search the net, you can type "glow in the dark draw" and will know what i mean.

i: i'll be making more things like this, so follow me here on Instructables or Youtube if you like :)

Tools and stuff you'll need to make it:
glass - as "Drawing layer"
glow in the dark spray - as "Glow material"
mirror - as "Base"
gloss varnish spray (optional)
duct tape
mirror/aluminium sheet/polished metal/white paper - as Reflective material if needed

Don´t get confused, the idea is simple: you put Glow material between the Base and the Drawing layer which in my case is glass. And you draw on it just like on a regular whiteboard with whiteboard marker (dry wipe)

Step 1: Choose the "drawing Layer" and Clean It

Choosing Glass (pros and cons):
+ almost imune to scratch
+ more durable, not bending
+ easy to clean
- can crack
- heavy
- shadow effect - if you are using thick glass - means that you will see shadows of your drawing on the glow material under it. Only when it´s daytime or there is a light in the room. But it´s not that bad. You will get used to it quick.

or Plastic:
+ light weight
+ almost indestructible
- easy to scratch even while you're cleaning it

I've choosed glass and went to a basement. Air is quite clean and steady there so no flies or dust will ruin the work. Also these glow in the dark chemicals are propably very toxic and while they are drying, you don't wanna breathe them.
And we can start -> by cleaning one side of the layer as much as possible and letting it to dry. The other one will be for drawing and at this moment it don't matter if it's dirty.

Step 2: Spray It

Apply the glow in the dark stuff by spraying it onto the cleaned side of your "drawing layer" (not drawing side).

Put it on on a paper, because if you don´t, then you will have pretty nice glowing square outline on a floor. Better to avoid that...or maybe you want that, could look nice, but it's not so safe for pets and ect.

More layers will glow more of course and longer. I've made like 4, and have to say it glows pretty damn well. Hooray! I takes many hours, even days. Do not rush it, let it dry!

By the way:

If you can get some kind of foil (update: or a sheet or a tape) that glows in the dark, you´re lucky! Definitely use that instead.
If not - wear protection. Do not breathe it!

Step 3: Apply Varnish

I'm not a chemist.

I don't know how it can react with your glow in the dark paint. But you can apply a gloss varnish over the glow layer. Varnish with hold the glowing paint together and it will make it airtight. But i really don't know, i recommend rather to airtight the whole thing after it's completely done by sticky tapes or some glue or maybe the best would be

Step 4: Light Reflection

More glowing effect can be achieved by adding a light reflective material underneath the glow in the dark layer.
Because some of the light goes through glow in the dark paint. And so this will reflect it back charging it even more.
You can use white paper, a mirror... things like that.
Mirror is a option and also it is good as a "Base" at the same time. I've choosed that.

+ propably best reflective material
- heavy weight
- can crack

Aluminium foil:
+ light
+ good reflections
- doesn´t have a perfectly flat surface

+ white paper is very good, i´ve made once this whiteboard with it and it was ok. (until i stepped on it)

+ great reflection
- hard do get/expensive

- doesn´t have a perfectly flat surface

Polished metal (Might be the best):

+ cannot crack

+ great reflections

+ magnetic

- heavy weight

Dark surface (like black paper):
- is just the worst option

Step 5: The Base

Making a base...well, use anything you want. Glass is good, but metal, thick plastic or wood is better because you can't break it so easily.

Choose something that is tough and thick enough so it will hold any possible vapors inside. A thick paper like for instance a cardboard isn't such a good idea..

I´ve used a mirror. It took me some time to cut it nicely so it fits the glass (but i´m not gonna show you guys, it´s too humiliating for me .D) and when the shape is good... it´s time to take some glue and tape.

Step 6: Testing

Now we should test it. We will see if there are enough layers and it glows good. Test how long it glows, if it´s not too heavy and things like that. But mostly if the glow paint is really dry, cause if not, then after you put it all together, you will propably see an effect much like you have water between two tiles of glass . and when you squeeze it, it makes dark spots. That´s not nice.

Before testing you should clean the mirror very well first.
Then put the mirror (base) facing down onto the glass (drawing layer). Glowing material is in the middle...nice and safe.
Put some tape there. And see if you are ok with that.

Turn it over and here is your drawing surface. Maybe use a thinner to clean it carefuly (i´ve had some glow paint on it that seeped there)

(as you can see, after few days, i have on my board these dark spots, which i think are there because i didn't let it dry too good, but in dark you cannot almost see them. As least the whole thing looks even older, like an artifact:D)

Step 7: Putting Together

There is propably paint where you will be putting a glue or just sharp edges, either way...disassemble it, sandpaper edges of the glass and also the mirror. It will help the glue to hold it together and you don´t cut yourself in the future. Maybe you will need to carefully clean it a bit again. Maybe use a thinner. Then put it together again.

1. The glue. Put a layer after layer. Slowly. At least first two, because it can soaks between the glass and the mirror.
Make it airtight!
It helps when you put your whiteboard onto something, so you don´t accidentaly glue it to paper under it.

Then I´ve sprayed gold paint over the tape first as you can see, then sprayed varnish over that. And now i just have to wait.

2. Tape side after side,make it nice;)

3. If you will use mirror like i did, glue something soft on it. That way you will avoid scratching it by putting it on a table. (i´ve used leather that has velcros on it)

4. Then it is up to you how you want to make it looks, i used plastic gears painted gold and those pointy things:D:D (i don't know, i bought them in some store)

and basically you´re done:) Erase with tissue, draw whiteboard marker, ..or even light
and have fun:)
But If you rather want to make some accesories for more, might help

Step 8: Protect Your Drawings

You might want to protect you drawings. Make a simple sheet from some plastic so you don´t erase something by mistake.
I´m using a plastic from an LCD monitor. All you need is to make it fits and use some tape. Nothing fancy:)

Step 9: Case

Make some casing, i think it´s necessary. Specially when you use mirror and glass like me.

So.. i just took folder with my sketchbook inside that i already had. It is a nice black eco-leather.
Glue some velcros here and there and Voilà. Perfect case for it. You will be able to detach your board and attach it to a wall, a table,a fridge for leaving messages.... Be creative :)

Buy some whiteboard markers .. and enjoy!

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