Introduction: GlueDart. Glue Pen With Electric Motor Extruder

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Today, glue guns are widely used in everyday life and in production. They are used by makers and builders, home masters and professionals. Makers of the whole world use glue guns for gluing various surfaces (textiles, paper, plastic, wood, etc.). The glue gun is indispensable in many types of creativity and needlework (quilling, scrapbooking, floristry, decoration, etc.).

I often use the glue gun in my work. And I have wanted to have a glue gun, which will produce a drop of glue and dosage will be easier to use, such as a 3d pen.

I created a model of a glue pen with an electric extruder. I took the heater out of the ordinary glue gun. The body and all the mechanical parts are created in Fusion 360. After that, I printed all the details on the 3d printer.

Step 1: List of Components

3d printing:
Body (2 parts)

Motor part


Button Holder

Stand for glue pen

Electronic and mechanical components:
30RPM Mini DC Metal Gear Motor

Button TACT-34N-F

Charger module LI-CHARGER-MicroUSB

Battery LP302030

8 Screws: Self-tapping screws M3X10

2 Hexagon socket head cap screws M3X16

Step 2: 3d Printing

Print all 3D print components
I attach the STL files

NB! Do not use PLA plastics, as it can deform when heated

Step 3: Electric Parts Assembly

Connect the charger module to the battery
Connect it to the micro-adapter

The capacity of this battery ensures continuous operation for 1 hour

If the glue pen should work for a longer time, it will be better to use a more powerful external battery.

Step 4: Button Holder

Put the button in the holder
Solder the wire length of 10 cm

Glue the button holder to the case at the level of the U-hole

Step 5: Motor Part Assembly

Assemble the motor part
Screw rollers and motor

Fix the motor part to the body with screws

Step 6: Extruder Assembly

Place the charger module with battery
One button wire connect to the motor

The second wire of the button is soldered to the board

The second motor wire is soldered to the board

Press the button and check the direction of the feed roller

Step 7: Final Assembly

Insert the heating part

Collect the body completely with screws

Step 8: Go to Work!

Connect the glue stick to the mains
Wait when warmed up and get to work

I tested a glue gun when assembling a kitchen set - a bowl and a napkin

GlueDart works with 11 mm glue rods

I want to create a glue pen for 7 mm rods and 12-volt power.

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