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Introduction: Gluten Free Shortbread Bicuits

About: My name is Jean-Paul, i'm a student in an engineering school near Paris. I love making project and share it after. I'm also fond of cooking, I always like to try new recipe.

This recipe is about shortbread I made for valentines day. I decided to make them as a try with lasers on a biscuits because I was using laser for a month by now. And I was like "what if I try it, that could be fun, or the biggest fail ever haha.

For this recipe you will need:

- 3.85 oz Cornstarch

- 4.95 oz Sarrasin flour

- 3.5 oz Sugar

- 4.4 oz soft butter

- one small packet of chemical yeast

- one egg


- Vanilla flavour or almond flavour

Step 1: It's Time to Begin !

put your Sarrasin flour, cornstarch and sugar in a big bowl. make a tiny hole in the sarrasin flour to put the chemical yeast. and mix it.

You can add some arôme if you want. It's not necessary but it will give something more.

Add your soft butter, you can microwave it 10 seconds to make it soft if you don't have time to wait. Then try to do like me in the video. It's simple and you will have a tasty base.

Step 2: Then Add the Eggs

Whip your eggs, put it in the preparation and make a ball. Like on the picture

Step 3: Make Your Pie Pastry

Put some flour on your workbench and spread it like on the second picture. Make your pastry pie and then use your cookie cutter to make some heart for example.

Then put your pieces on a pastry slab. They are ready for the next step!

Step 4: Bake Them !

Bake them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes and this is the result!

Step 5: Think About the Message

This part is really important because you need to think what you will print on your shortbread cookies!

The video is showing you one shortbread I put with laser.

You may not found from the beginning the good intensity and speed the machine will need. I used the adjustment of a paper a bit thick.

Step 6: Result !

This is the result after the gravure !

This is awesome, I'm sure, your wife will appreciate it !

Tell me what you want me to put on the big heart by gravure. I will chose the highest vote !

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    Question 5 years ago

    Funny idea, I like it! But does the laser engraving affect the taste of the biscuits?


    Answer 5 years ago

    Hey, It depends how powerful is the laser, I felt something when the laser was really powerful. On the other side, I don’t feel anything when the laser is not that powerful.
    I suggest you to make your own test, to choose the settings you will like while eating your biscuits!