Go Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness Face Paint

Introduction: Go Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness Face Paint

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This month you can go gold for childhood cancer awareness.

I decided to do a face paint piece to show my support. I don't have the video up on youtube yet but your welcome to check out my other work at youtube.com/msmaomaoz.. I'll post this one soon.

This look is VERY EASY, so I'm just going to write the steps without pictures. If you would like pictures just let me know and I'll be happy to add some.. HERE WE GO!

Step 1: Base

Starting off paint EVERYTHING BLACK! I used Mehron face paint to do this then I set IT ALL with matte black eyeshadow.. I used an ULTA brand.

Step 2: GO Gold

To Go Gold.. I needed gold. I grabbed Gold face paint from my Mehron metallic pallet and started the look off by using a detail brush and applying it to my eyebrows in a thin line, then I added a double winged eye by creating a wing off the top of my lid crease and pulling that up, then I created a 'normal' wing off my top lash line.. I then placed some gold on my lips.

Step 3: Shine

To get a bit of shine I used my finger to smug some of that gold paint onto the cheeks, chin, and right above my lip.

Step 4: The Gold Tears

I added gold tears because I find nothing sadder then a child who is sick.. I lost a childhood friend to a brain tumor and I know how hard it is on the family's and friends. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen.

To make the tears I just got a paint brush full of the gold paint then I dipped that paint in water and put it near my eye before it dripped. I did it three times on each side.

Step 5: Last Step

The last step I took that same watered down gold paint on a hard paint brush and flicked it onto my face by running the nail threw it. I only did this on one side of my face and body.

I also added some gold onto my chest to give myself a more complete look.

Step 6: That's It

That's it.

Again this is a look for the Go Gold for childhood cancer awareness. PLEASE help support all the children out there even if you can't give money, just help spread the word! Thanks everyone! <3

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great photographs that could have been made a lot better by including more of them.

    This looks so good! A good job for a good cause and BIG Thanks for the effort and the sharing.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I would be happy to add more pictures, I just have to get them off my camara. =P