Introduction: Golden Axe! How to Make It

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I use the foundry to make the golden brass axe. This little hatchet is almost for decoration because it performs very poorly but it is beautiful.

I use recycle brass from different sources. Brass metal is melt in the foundry and poured in a beach sand mold. After that, excess is remove with a saw and a file. It is finish with sand paper. Finally performance is compare with a commercial one.

Step 1: Make or Get a Mold Out of Wooden

Make or get a mold out of wooden, you can use any other material

Step 2: Pour Sand in the Mold Frame and Smash It

Pour sand in the mold frame and smash it until you fill the frame

Step 3: Place the Wooden Mold on the Sand

Place the wooden mold on the sand

Step 4: Smash the Sand, the Mold and Remove Excess Sand

Smash the sand, the mold and remove excess sand

Step 5: Pour Quite a Lot of Talcum Powder

Pour quite a lot of talcum powder

Step 6: Prepare Top Frame of the Mold

Put the top frame of the mold. Fill it with sand and smash it. When it is fill, remove excess

Step 7: Open the Mold

Open the mold

Step 8: Remove the Mold

Remove the mold using screws

Step 9: Make Two Holes in the Mold

Make two holes in the mold. Metal intake and air outtake

Step 10: Close the Mold

Close the mold

Step 11: Pour Molten Metal

Pour molten metal

Step 12: Remove the Axe Blade From the Mold

Remove the axe blade from the mold

Step 13: Saw and File Excess Material

Saw and file excess material

Step 14: Polish the Blade

Polish the blade

Step 15: Make a Hole for the Stick

Make a hole for the stick

Step 16: Put a Stick to the Blade

Put a stick to the blade