Introduction: Golden Snitch Ring

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Hello harry potter fans! It's momo here and I'm going to show you how to have a cool ring you'll get a lot of questions about. Oooh!

Step 1: Supplies

1- silver jewelry wire
2- round nose pliers (optional but easier)
3- regular pliers
4- scissors or wire cutters
5- any color bead that's decently small

Step 2: Step Uno

Okay so about ANY COLOR BEAD, you're probably wondering "but a snitch is gold. Not like blue or green or sartruce... " I guess. You can take GOLD NAIL POLISH and paint it. But my beads are already gold. So put the wire through the middle

Step 3: To Start

Bend the wire upwards like above. Then bend it back down

Step 4: Curley Cues

The Curley cues are optional but it's super cute! To do this without any hassle, just grab those round nose pliers and bend the wire around it

Step 5: To Finish

Cut the excess wire off and put the remaining stub back through the bead hole. So sassy!

Step 6: It's That Easy

And in less than 10 minutes you've got this supper sassy snitch bead! To add another detail, just take regular pliers and bend the top wing out like so...

Step 7: Ring

The ring is pretty simple to make. I just like to bend the wire into the size of my finger, out it through the bead hole, and seal it up. It's pretty easy

Step 8: All Done!

It's as simple as that! Thanks so much guys for checking this out and good luck! If you haven't already click that little button above to vote and give a snitch it's wings! Thanks, I love y'all! Byeee

Step 9: Another Thing...

I want you guys to help me decide what to make next. ever seen an instructable I made and thought: "wow it would be really cool if she did a tutorial to make tiny letters {seen above}" or even "it would be cool if she makes one instructable of several tiny things!" Well anyone who requests an idea. ANYONE I'll do everyone requested!!!!!! Love you guys!

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