Introduction: Golfers Halloween Decoration

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I have been making small to medium items for years and started carving albeit poorly recently, I love to make all manner of things so for this I wanted an eclectic mix of, well junk and stuff that would normally be thrown away.

I chose a piece of pallet wood, a part of an English elm table top that came from my wife's school, she left over 40 years ago, a ratty old golf ball and golf tees. I ended up choosing the broken golf tee out of the four I had handy.

Elm Scrapwood

Pallet wood

Topflite 2 golf ball

Golf Tee

The end of a one centimetre wooden knitting needle for the club shaft

Black twine for the whipping on the shaft

Step 1:

Tools used a combination multi tool of the Dremel type, cheap and cheerful. A Dewalt DW 135 band saw sandpaper I did use black acrylic paint for the "face". Carved out the eyes and mouth using the grinder and a mixture of diamond bits. With copious sanding for the club head, Added the one cm knitting needle for the club shaft, whipping was black twine

Step 2:

Step 3:

Assembly was all very simple some glue finish was burned linseed oil and white spirit, in the US it's mineral oil I believe.

A simple and very easy instructable, go on give it a try!

Many thanks for your time

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