Introduction: Golfing When You Are "Safer at Home"

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Being stuck inside is not fun, but with a putter, golf ball and 3D printed golf holes you can while away your time with a DIY mini golf course.


A home, family, putter, ball and a DIY hole. I used my 3D printer to make my holes but they can be made from any material that is flat enough for a ball to roll into.

Step 1: Making a Hole.

With the material of your choice make a flat ring that is 41/4 inches in diameter. I used a tinkercad to design my hole. I used the cone shape and put a hole in its center. Make at least three holes. Three rounds will be a Short Nine.

Step 2: Layout Your Links

Set your holes up so they are far enough apart so it will take three to four strokes to putt out. Use walls and doors to create a dogleg. A book on the floor can be use to deflect the ball to the hole.

Step 3: Putt Them--Far and True

The oldest person starts the play. Each player takes turns putting to the hole. The first person to putt out starts the next hole. If the ball rolls under a piece of furniture it is out of bounds put it back into play and take a penalty stroke. The player with the fewest stroke wins.

If you have a nice large outdoor area to recreate in p
play Cow Pasture Pool

Have fun, keep your spirits up, stay healthy!!!

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