Introduction: Good Morning Fish!

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My 5 yo always loves it when I play with his food :)

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

You will need:

2 slices of white bread (or your choice) - basically you only need 1 for the body, and a little brown crust for the tail

Chocolate sauce


Strawberry (for the head and body skin)


Chocolate chips (for eye and bubbles

Individual jelly (for algae/plant) - you can use nori sheet

Lightly toast the bread (number 1) and smear with softened butter and then lightly with chocolate sauce (you can skip this but my son loves it on his toast)

Make a somewhat triangle as shown on picture, shaping the toast into a fish

Halve a strawberry and place one as a head and slice the other half thinly (i used 2 strawberries overall)

Place a chocolate chip as eye and some more as bubbles coming out of the mouth

With the jelly, slice into plants to accompany the raspberries.


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