Introduction: Good Morning Snail!

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My son's breakfast earlier :)

Step 1: Materials and Method

2 slices of bread

Chocolate sauce (for ice cream or dessert topping)

Peanut butter

Cheddar cheese

Chocolate chips

Kellog's raisin bran

Green onion

Banana, halved


Smear chocolate sauce lightly on the bread and top it with peanut butter, stack.

With either round cutter or simply a knife, cut away brown crust leaving the white sandwich only (my son dislikes the brown crust)

Squirt some chocolate sauce into a ziplock bag and snip the corner with a scissor and make some snail texture on the sandwich as shown on picture

Cut triangles out of cheese and place them on serving plate as petals surrounding chocolate chips. Give green onion as the stalk/branch.

Place banana slice on serving plate and place snail house as shown

Pipe eyes and a smile using chocolate sauce in ziplock bag and press in pretzels as antenna

Spread Kellog's as gravel and dirt


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