Introduction: Gooey Halloween Slime

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Halloween is very near, so give your friends quite a fear. The simplest ingredients make the spookiest fright, so be prepared on the scariest night. For this sticky, slimy, yucky mix, will surely complete your halloween fix.

Ha, ha! This gooey slime looks like a liquid, feels like a solid and scares like a pro! Ok, so slime isn't THAT scary... But it still is fun to make! All you need is:
Mixing bowl
(optional) food coloring (Preferably green)

That's all! Now,let's get started.

Step 1:

First, we must combine corn flour and water. Add the water to the cornflour (after putting the cornflour in a bowl) bit by bit. There should be a pattern: water, stir, feel. Water, stir, feel. Repeat until when you run your fingers through, it is thick, but looks like a liquid and oozes through your fingers when picked up. Not too thick- it will be more of a solid that looks like liquid, but you can't run your fingers through it. Not too thin, either, because then it would be like water. We don't want that!

Step 2:

Now, add food coloring to your mix. Stir gently, as if you do it TOO hard, it is like a solid (but won't turn into a solid- just really hard to mix). Voila! You have GOO!

Step 3: Tips and Warnings

*Your hands may be slightly green, even after washing with water, but eventually comes off.
*washes right off bowls and spoons.
*If you have any tips or warnings you found in this instructable, please post it in the comments section (e.g, Warning:___________

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