Google Cardboard DODOcase Headstrap

Introduction: Google Cardboard DODOcase Headstrap

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So you made yourself a set of fancy Google Cardboard VR glasses. BUT YOUR ARM IS SO TIRED FROM HOLDING THEM ON YOUR FACE. The rubber band keeps pinching nerves. Well, we also have weak arms and sensitive scalps. So this is how we made a headstrap for our Cardboard headset.

To pull this off, you will need:

  • A Google Cardboard kit, like the one from DODOcase.
  • OF COURSE duct tape
  • a yardstick
  • double-sided tape
  • velcro tape
  • moxie

Step 1: Making Your Strap

Take about four feet of duct tape. Pick something that will look pretty on your head. Perhaps you would like to use some of this or this?

Fold the tape in half the short way, along the entire length of the tape. We just want to get the sticky bits to stick to each other and not to your beautiful hairdo. You could either move on to the next step at this point or use a yardstick as a guide to trim the tape with an xacto knife, making it look nice and clean.

Step 2: Affix One End of Strap to Headset

Next, take two pieces of double-stick tape and use it to attach one end of the strap to the INSIDE of your case. That is: unfold your headset a little bit, and affix the strap in between the inside of the headset and the piece of cardboard that folds down around it. It just looks nicer. Put another piece of duct tape on top for DOUBLE FIXATION PROTECTION.

We work with a lot of teens, so we wanted to make sure that things really stayed in place: we also put some double-stick tape on the other side of the duct tape before folding the case back up.

(In retrospect, you probably could have just left some of the duct tape unfolded in the last step and used that instead of the double-stick tape, but you are probably more deft with your fingers than we are.)

Step 3: Make That Strap Adjustable, Yo.

To be able to adapt to different-sized domes, we're going to make the strap adjustable. Pick up the headset, wrap the strap around your head, and mark about where you would need to affix it to fit your head. Assuming that your head is roughly normally-sized (which may or may not be a fair assumption - ask your friends and hope they are honest with you), use that as a baseline for laying out about a foot of soft-sided velcro tape to the inside of the strap.

Then cover the outside of the right side of your headset with the rough velcro. You should now be able to affix the strap around your head.

Step 4: Try It Out!

Pop in your phone and try it out! Congratulations! You are now hands-free!

If you want to make the fancy trigger that the headset shown here has, check out our other instructable!

Step 5: PRO TIP: Your Forehead Is Greasy.

While we're discussing comfort and your Google Cardboard kit, you may want to consider lining the edges of the case that touch your face with some Sugru - it provides a little more comfort than the cardboard and, if you make it thick enough, can keep your forehead from rubbing against the cardboard in between the lenses, which can prevent that slightly nauseating forehead grease smear from forming. Alas, we discovered this too late, but maybe we can spare you some pain. Happy virtual-realitying!

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