Introduction: Google Glass Torch (G-Torch)

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See more through your Google Glass XE (V1/V2) in dimly lit or dark environments!

This is a 3D printable torch holder that slide locks onto your open Glass XE left side frame rail.  Have a look at the pictures and definitely watch the video of me in my boxers at home as I test it out on my V1 Glass unit (I didn't even think about putting on pants and hadn't noticed till weeks after I uploaded the video, lol).

Demo video:"what's seen cannot be un-seen" as they say) 

What you need:

COAST G5 LED Pocket Light
33 Lumens
Runs on 4 AG5 button batteries (included)
Impact resistant
24m flood distance
$5 - $8

My 3D model (.stl file below)

Access to a 3D printer (just about any will work great for this easy model)

BAM!  Now you look really, really "special" with you Glass on!  Har-har!! 

If you are looking for more Google Glass accessories you can reference my initial Glass Base here:

Or my portable Google Glass Traveler Base here:

If you have questions about this base or 3D printing it's cool if you want to hit me up in the comments section or PM me if you prefer.

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