Introduction: Harley Davidson VROD 55mm Custom Signal Mounts

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This setup should work for any bike with 55mm front forks; but I particularly own a 2012 Harley Davidson Night Rod Special (VROD) and have been hacking around with it a bit.  One future modification is to chop the handle bars or go with a low profile setup and delete the factory handle bar mounted turn signals in order to clear the tank lid.  In preparation for this modification I designed a 3D printable mount that would fit the myriad of available pole mount signals since I was having an extremely difficult time finding an appropriate sized aftermarket mount for the newer inverted larger fork system on the Vrods.  This 2 piece system clamps against each fork and allows you to mount various aftermarket signals.  I chose a 4 in 1 signal system with DRL/side marker/left and right signals as well as rear indicator all within the front 2 signals.  The 1st generation model you will see in the below images was printed in blue and had been on my bike from July of 2013 till March 2014 with no signs of wear or damage and I commute daily with my bike.  I revised my design to make fitment easier when reaching nuts with a wrench and then reprinted them in black so my buddies would quite making fun of my blue colored test units.

  1. Pick your preferred pole signal variant and get it on order/pickup at the local shop
  2. Download the provided zip file
  3. Extract the 4 .stl files to your hard disk
  4. Load the 4 .stl files into your preferred slicer program
  5. Arrange the parts on your slicers virtual print bed
  6. Generate the Gcode for your printer and print! - This model does not require support on a well tuned machine.  You may however choose to use platform support if your machine has issues with 45 degree overhangs; here are the general settings I used to print:
    1. Ultimachine 3mm PLA
    2. 240c (Ultimachine PLA takes a bit more temp to extrude at high speed in my experience)
    3. .4mm nozzle 
    4. 100mm/s print speed
    5. Layer height .15mm
    6. All wall thickness 1mm
    7. Fill 45%
    8. Flow 100%
    9. Retraction 30mm/s (distance 4mm)
    10. Support (your call)
  7. Gather 4 6M allen cap head bolts, 4 6M nylon locking nuts
  8. Gather allen wrench and adjustable wrench 
  9. Place respective side pieces A and B together around fork
  10. Insert bolts through each counter sunken holes
  11. Add nylon lock nuts to back of bolt through supplied openings
  12. Alternate tightening each side so your gap is equal on the inside and outside taking into consideration the max turn of the forks in the direction of the signal mount
  13. Once you have confirmed the location of the signal mount is not going to contact the frame/faring proceed to other fork and start again from step 9
  14. Once both sides are clamped in a position that does not interfere with your turning travel/frame you are clear to insert your aftermarket pole signals nut through the captive front cutout 
  15. Now route the signal wire harness through the captive nut and provided channel 
  16. Finally begin threading your pole signal's threaded tip into the captive nut and brace nut with your wrench until tight
  17. I cannot even begin to explain the specific wire setup for your chosen lights, factory harnesses and any load balancers needed so your on your own there.
After you get your wiring sorted you should be ready to roll with your new custom mounts!

I love modding!  I have a number of additional ideas for my bike.  If you would like to watch my bike raise and drop a dozen time my last major mod video is here: 

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