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Have Google Glass?  Always mobile?  Don't like putting your Glass down on suspect surfaces when you must dismount them for privacy concerns or charging?  Then you need the Google Glass Traveler Base!  It fits into a standard US sized cup holder and cradles your Glass XE unit around the battery lobe and perches the main Glass pod in a tower yoke that also allows you to route the OEM 90 degree micro USB data/charge cable (other micro USB cables do fit as well)!  The Traveler also has room to store your mono or stereo Glass ear-buds as well as a secret internal canal for you to hide your lunch money :) 

This base shows off Glass very nicely while keeping the unit in a vertically secure posture with a minimal footprint.  If you route the USB cable through and connect it with Glass you can flip the base upside down, shake the unit and not worry about Glass detaching at all!

***Updated design and pictures added 04/07/2014***  There are now 2 .stl files in a single attached zip file; version 102 requires no support and is easiest to print, version 106 includes a new USB cable path allowing for smooth cup holder operation that keeps the cable path locked and allows exit toward the top of the base but requires a small amount of support material (not really a big deal).

Steps to make your own Google Glass Traveler Base:
  1. Download my 3D model compressed files attached to this Instructable
  2. Get the above file to a friend / hacker-space / school / commercial company that offers 3D printing if you don't have a 3D printer yourself capable of a 110mm Z axis build height (see dimensions in purple base image attached)
  3. This base requires no additional support when printing so it is very easy for novice 3D printer operators to successfully produce 
  4. This print will run for approximately 5hrs in a single session (@ ~100mm/s) and consume ~100 grams of plastic
  5. Once the print is complete hit the road with your Glass and dock-it how you like when you like!

You can reference my initial Glass Base here:

Or my Google Glass light mount (G-Torch) here:

If you have questions about this base or 3D printing it's cool if you want to hit me up in the comments section or PM me if you prefer.

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