Got a Lot of Junk? Turn It Into an Ornament for 2019!

Introduction: Got a Lot of Junk? Turn It Into an Ornament for 2019!

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Merry christmas! And a happy new year!

I haven't published for a while, but now I have, ( and hopefully will do so regularly)!

Have you got a drawer full of weird pieces of broken wire and burnt out LEDs?

Hobby motors, screws, nuts, bolts, and strange bits and bobs?

Read on to find out what to do!

Step 1: What Are We Making?

An ornament!

But not any old ornament, it is an ornament made out of little bitty electronic stuff.


Solder or regular non-insulated wire.


Soldering iron (optional)

Patience, Patience, and more Patience!

Step 2: Threading

Thread the wire through holed junk through and twist, but tie the rest on.

It looks flimsy, but we will work on that later.

Step 3: Solder the Components and Bits Together

This is not really needed, but it groups the stuff together and makes it look more sturdy.

The wire will probably break, but we will fix it soon.

Step 4: Reinforcing

To stop it from being flimsy you can tightly wrap another piece of wire around the whole thing, but do not solder the wire.

Step 5: Hang It!

Pop it up wherever you like!

I put mine in the kitchen along with an industrial-looking incandescent bulb.

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