Introduction: Grand Daisy Tatted Lace Choker

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One of a collection of tatted choker patterns I designed based on a daisy motif, this is a simple choker necklace made with smaller motifs tatted together and long chains added to complete the look.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:
-Size 10 cotton thread in your choice of colors, I used black.

-Size 5 tatting needle or shuttle if you prefer


-Small steel crochet hook for joins (optional)

-Clasp and split rings

You will also need basic tatting knowledge that can be acquired with my other beginning instructables.

Step 2: Center Daisy Motif - Center

Start the motif with a ring, the pattern is 2 double stitches(ds) 1
picot(p) 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds 1p 2ds close and make a mock picot*. This will leave you with a ring of 10 picots separated by 2ds

*A mock picot is simply a picot made by double tying the ends of the thread to make a loop the same size as the other picots.

The petals of the flower are all chains joined by putting the thread through the picots of the every other picot in the center ring.

Chains(ch) are 5ds 1p 4ds 1 long picot(lp) 1ds join

Repeat around, last chain is 5ds 1p 5ds join to beginning p and make a long mock picot to match the length of the lp's

Step 3: Center Daisy Motif - Second Round

Start Second round at the long mock picot

Ch 5ds 1p 5ds join to picot in chain of last round

Ch 5ds 1p 5ds join to long picot

Continue around and join final chain to the beginning mock picot

Tie, cut and hide ends.

Step 4: Side Daisy Motifs

Side daisies are begun in the same manner as the the center daisy except that the center ring is 12 picots separated by 2ds

Chains are 5ds 1p 5ds joined to every other picot on the center ring.

Join the motif to the center motif as shown by two petals. Each subsequent motif will be joined as shown by the two side petals. Make a total of 6 small motifs on each side of the center motif.

There should be two petals between the side motifs on the top of the center motif and four between at the bottom. See final photo for placement.

Step 5: Chains - 1st Round

R 6ds join to bottom picot of third small motif from center 6ds close(cl) reverse work(rw)

Ch 20ds cl rw

R 6ds join to bottom picot of second small motif from center 6ds cl rw

Ch 20ds cl rw

R 6ds join to bottom picot of first small motif from center 6ds cl rw

Ch 20ds cl rw

R 6ds join to side bottom picot of center motif as shown 6ds cl

Tie, cut and hide ends.

Repeat this chain design on other side.

Step 6: Chains - Last Round

Join thread where shown at the base of the ring joined to the first small motif to the side of the center motif.

Ch 40ds cl rw

R 8 ds join to the second bottom picot of the center motif 8ds cl rw

Ch 8ds cl do not reverse work

R 8ds 1p 1ds 1p 1ds 1lp 1ds 1p 1ds 1p 8ds close do not reverse work ( total of 5 picots in center of ring)

Ch 8ds cl rw

R 8ds join to the next bottom picot of the center motif 8ds cl rw

Ch 40 join to ring opposite of the starting point

Tie, cut and hide ends.

Step 7: Finishing

With my tension and size 10 thread the total length of the necklace should be around 14 inches, each small motif is approximately 1 inch, so you can adjust the length by adding or subtracting daisies.

Add clasps to the end motifs using jump rings to join to the picots of last motifs. I used an adjustable pewter clasp, but you can use whatever kind of clasp you like.

You can also all beads to any or all the picots for a different look.

You may press the necklace with steam on a towel to get a better shape.
It can also be hand washed, rolled in a towel to remove excess water and laid flat to dry followed by pressing.

This choker necklace is also for sale in my etsy shop.

The laws of Copyright Protection permit this tutorial to be used for personal use only. Reselling finished items for profit is prohibited.

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