Introduction: Granulation: Finer Powder

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Okay and hi everyone: Today I will be showing YOU how to create finer powders and how to create a power from dry solids.

It requires a (handheld) mixing machine with a blade, towel etc.


Step 1: Get the Quip

What  you will need:
Handheld blender
Blade attachment 
Dish cloth (NOT towel)
Tupperware ( One for "granulation" one for storage)

What You Can Granulate:
Sugar (Turns into "castor sugar')
Hot Chocolate ( Makes it easier to mix)
Large Salt ( Makes salt)
Herb and spices ( Like dried basil or pepper)
And many others that I can't think of right now

Step 2: Gra, Granul, Granulate

Take whatever you would like to granulate and place it into a tupperware or container (SEE PIC 1) Place blade attachment into the blender and place blender into substance then cover with dish cloth ( The first pic) This is so that it doesn't spray powder all over.
Blend until powder is achieved 

Pour out you powder. Take a look at the before after pictures BIG DIFFERENCE

The thirds pic is Milo the 4th and 5th pics are brown sugar ( I know it doesn't look like it!!!)

Step 3: Voila

Voila you have a perfect granulated *thing*