Introduction: Green Mango Paleta(popsicle), Eat As Is, or With Salt

This is a very, very interesting little ice-cream.

The thing about Mango:
When a mango is ripe, it is very sweet
But when it's still green it is a bit on the acid side, and goes very well with salt

Mango Cele is a mango that is starting to ripe, but is still rather green, so it's still not entirely sweet, it can also be used to make this particular ice-cream

That's the impressively cool thing about this ice-cream,
on it's own, it is sweet enough to taste sweet.
On the other hand, like the green mango,
you can eat it with salt (and please, do try it)

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Either green mango, or mango cele
Salt (for when eating it)

Cutting board
Measuring cup
Blender (or similar)
Plastic cups (to freeze the ice-cream in)
Paletas(flat surfaced sticks) or whatever other sticks you want to use in your ice-cream

Step 2: First Step - Slice and Dice

Here is photo of a mango-cele, not so sure the colors can be seen that well in this photo, around the border of the skin there is a slightly greener color (a yellowy green) instead of the yellow orange that shows it's ripe.

And, as the name of this step tells, here is a photo of the diced mango. It is necessary to slice the fruit's meat off of the seed, but it's not entirely necessary to dice it; though that makes it easier on the blender

Step 3: Second Step - Mesurements

First, the mango
I used 750ml (around 25.5oz, or about 3 cup) of diced mango
(that's what I got after slicing and dicing the mangos)
Though after the blender finishes with the mangos, the actual amount turned out to be 500ml (2 cups)

I used 250ml (almost 8.5oz, or around 1 cups) of water

I do consider that a 1 to 2 ratio of water and fruit is good enough

And Sugar
I used 6 tbsp, (something like 1/3 of a cup)
To me, that is plenty sweet enough, though you can use a bit more at your discretion

Step 4: Third Step - Blend

Now it's time to use the blender
WARNING!: do not introduce any spoons, or similar, and keep your hands and finger well and far from the blades

Pour everything into the blender, and press start button
Small warning: careful keep the lid on the blender, to prevent re-decorating the kitchens in fruit

The idea here isn't to make a mash out of the mango, you can actually leave it to keep small chunks of fruit.

Step 5: Fourth Step - Pour the Mix

Now, we use the little cups and pour the berry-milk mix into them
I do advise not to pour the mix to overflowing point, since, when freezing, water and similar tend to grow, and it could overflow

Since I bought 250ml cups (and I didn't fill them to the rim), I got a total of four poplicles, you can get more if using smaller cups, or filling less of the cup)

Step 6: Fifth Step - Freeze

Now we put our ice-creams to be in the freezer

You can stick the stick in the mix at this point, thanks to the chinks of mango, the mix alone can actually hold the stick in place well enough

And now, we wait...
I believe it takes about 8 hours for the ice-cream to freeze completely, I simply leave them overnight

Step 7: Sixth Step - Taking the Ice-cream Out, and Enjoying

Now that the ice-cream is frozen solid, you might notice, it's also frozen to the cup
not good... right?....

That is easily fixed

Just open the tap, and let the water run around the cup (just around the cup, not over the top)
This steals some of the cold from the ice-cream and makes a small layer of molten ice-cream between the cup and the ice-cream, allowing the ice-cream to slip easily

And now just take your ice-cream out;
either throw the cup away, or keep it to make more ice-creams later

And enjoy your Ice-cream

And do try powdering some salt on top of your ice-cream, it is definitely worth the try

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