Introduction: Human Skull

As part of the arts career, I had half a year (of classes) studying the human body
Being of arts, we had more than a couple of skeletons to help, but that only works as far as classes go
and unfortunately, that just doesn't extent to ones house...
not counting how incredibly expensive a reproduction can be...

and so, if I had a 3D printer, well, this is one I would certainly want to print.

Did this in Blender. it's a very nice, free 3D modeling tool; so I'm not entirely sure what is it's final size, but thankfully that can be easily fixed.

here, attached is the stl with the skull.

the brain ca

the brain cavity is hollow, as is a good part of the eyes, nasal and surrounding cavities. (as close to a real skull as I managed to get it, without an actual skull to work with)

OK, as for instinctive/ bribery for all you nice people to vote for this project, I promise two things

1. If I win I'll make public the blender file of this skull (though you lot are probably able to modify the stl either way....)
but most importantly

2. In case this project wins, I promise to get back  to the drawing board with this little one and make it ten times better; and by that what I mean is, I'll kidnap one of the skull replicas from my classes, and go, part by part, if necessary, (that would be the 22 or so bones that make the skull without counting the teeth, which I will, of course, also improve.)
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