Introduction: Green Screen Fix for IMovie

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This is a 5 step hack to fix any kind of green screen issues. Sometimes green screen is under exposed or over exposed, creases, shadow and folds.

For that there is an option of edit in iMovie for fixing these issues but it doesn't work well and has limited capabilities. For that I figured out 5 steps that can eliminate any issues with good precision.

These are the 5 golden steps in iMovie which will help you to fix your bad green screen for FREE.


  1. Green screen
  2. iMovie on Macbook
  3. You
  4. and your patience :)

Step 1: Add Background to Your Video

In iMovie, apply your video as a green screen on a desired background to see what kind of issues you might see even after applying green screen settings.

For that,

  1. Bring your desired background in timeline.
  2. Now add your video with green screen, on the top of your background as an layer.
  3. Go in preview section, change mode to green screen (see video)
  4. Watch whole video to notice the issue.

Step 2: Use Green Background Instead

Yes, you can improve the green screen and make it even without any magic. Replace the green screen in your video with a plain green color background which will make it look professional.

  1. Delete everything from your timeline.
  2. Now, go in background tab in the top center, and find Green background. Instead of your desired background, add this green background in timeline.
  3. Add your green screen video on the top of it like previous. (watch video)
  4. Apply green screen settings and wow, it replaced your faulty green screen with a cleaner better and evenly exposed green background.

Step 3: Export Video With Highest Quality

  1. Export this current video with best or pro-res setting
  2. This step is really important. If you don't select right options, your video will lose its quality over time.

Step 4: Import Recently Saved Video

  1. Import the recently saved video
  2. Bring that to timeline
  3. Apply same green background with greenscreen settings

Step 5: Export Your Final Video

  1. Watch the whole video and see if all frames are fine.
  2. Clear your timeline again. Now again add that green background and add your recently exported video on the top.
  3. Repeat step 2 to 4 again and again until you find your video as expected.
  4. Should export your video in best possible resolution in every step.

Step 6: Your Amazing Video Is Ready!!

  1. Now, you can see you have much better green screen than what you shot.
  2. Add your final exported video in timeline over your desired background and see, in the whole video you don't see any crease, it is evenly exposed and no shadow.
  3. These are the 5 golden steps in iMovie which will help you to fix your bad green screen for free.