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Introduction: Greenhouse Project

About: Hey! My name is Roey Leon, from Tel Aviv, Israel. On my free time, as a hobby of mine, I love building stuff from scratch. It always starts with a crazy idea, and then I realize that it`s too Dangerous / Unach…

Hello everyone

 me and my dad decided to build a small , 4 meter X 80 cm Greenhouse up against the wall of our house.

it took us something like two weeks of hard work at the weekends ,but as you will see , it paid off eventually.

hope you enjoy !


Step 1: Shopping List

Materials :

Plexiglas - 3X2 meter X2
Hangers - at least 15
Aluminum poles for mounting the outline Frame of the Greenhouse
Bolts and nuts in different  sizes
2 HPS ( High pressure sodium ) 600 Watt lamps +m Housing 
Wiring and automatic timer
100 kilo of sand for the future to be  plants 
Jigsaw + Metal blade for cutting the aluminum 

Drills + a set of drills
Electric screwdriver

Free Time and lot`s of coffee

Step 2: Clearing the Area for Construction

The ground before the building prcess

Step 3: Starting Covering the Frame

Step 4: Mounting the Shelves

The Shelves are covered with this protective nylon on the Plexiglas.
make sure to keep on till the end of the Project , so the Clear Plexiglas wont scratch

Step 5: Starting With the Jiffy Pallets

The Jiffy Pallets  were out first attempt in growing some vegetables .

we are amateurs , we had no experience at the beginning , but during time, we learned how to grow it correctly

my advice to you is , read a lot before you start growing

Step 6: Lettuce and Other Growing

After we grew the Jiffy Pallets , we had to move them to a bigger planter in order for them to grow.

we started with planters of 1 Liter and moved to 7 Liter at the end

Step 7: Coool !

Step 8: More Veggies

Step 9:

Step 10: The End ;)

Our home grown Veggies read to be eaten !

Thanks for watching

 have a great one

 Roey Leon

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    Marcaine Art
    Marcaine Art

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love this!! I have wanted to do similar at my home to extend my growing season. Thank you for sharing.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Your welcome! and thank u for commenting :)

    go on and start your own project , very recommended !


    8 years ago on Introduction

    What is your average day/night temperature there and was this unit used year round or just for certain seasons? For winter plant maintenance indoors, but in an unheated room, I've used a metal utility, shop-style, shelf [open wire shelving on four round steel legs from Lowes or WalMart], put 4 mil clear vinyl on each side [separate pieces so they could roll or fold up to tend the plants] and hung fluorescent and incandescent lights under each shelf to illuminate the plants below. But I like your project for a larger-scale structure and creating more growing area. Nice work!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    וואו !
    ממש חלום !

    אפשר לשאול כמה העלות של הפרוייקט בערך ?
    ומה השיקולים על מנת להוזיל אותו ? (ניילון במקום הפרספקס אולי ?)
    ואגב, יש המלצות לגבי הגידולים בלחות ת"א והטמפרטורות הקיצוניות בקיץ ?

    תודה !